Crying Out

Cry out, cry out and listen if anyone is paying attention. Cry out to see if anyone even gives a care in the world. People passing by like your not even there. People looking at you with a sense of worry, all the care in the world? No, they just go on their marry ways of life. Are you paying attention? Do you care about me? Will you come with me as we figure out the problem? Are you worried why I am the way I am this very moment? I just keep cry, cry, crying but yet others seems to give the slightest hear at my cries. Look into my brown eyes and tell me that your waiting to hear my cry, tell me that you will stay with me after my, cry cry cry. I’ve gave my all, gave you the signs that there could be something there if you just me that chance that’s so scary at first but afterwards is all worth the waiting and intense feelings. I cry out to you babe just to show you that i’ve got feelings, that i’m truly ready to give my all and to do all for you because your the missing piece that will make me whole once again. The time is now, the moment is right, to make it work let’s meet half way, let’s find each other and live in peace, in happiness. Come hear my cry won’t you, come and i’ll tell you all about it.

Thanks for all that take the time to read my latest post, i’m trying an area i’m not used to write about so hope all enjoys and thanks! God Bless you all!!