Blessed with His grace, We all are!

The lord is my everything

My family is an odd group of people that seems to cheer me up, catch me when i’m falling down, love me even through the many changes i’ve went through good and bad, ones that i’m happy i was born into.

My friends, wherever they are i still am blessed to have the few i still have left. Many come and many go but the ones that stick it out in the end with ya, those are the ones that make your life just a bit easier and well even though we have had our fair share of crazy moments we are still able to come together after several months of not seeing each other and share an awesome moments. Times do change but friendships never changed if it’s truly a strong one at best. We all have, even though some may not want to admit it, have had or do have a “bromance”, but anyways i wouldn’t be me without my dear closest awesome friends or bros as i like to call em to this day because who i am is who they helped me to be and well i give thanks to them for being there in all the craziness that i am.

In life we have so much to be thankful for and this isnt’ thanksgiving time but i just wanna say i’m so thankful for my Lord and Savior because without Him loving me i don’t think, no i know that all this that i’ve be able to tell you all wouldn’t have been possible so thank you Lord and God Bless you all that go forward in life and do it loving others and to be sharing your story with others, blessing the amazing God we have and give a little back because life is impossible without Him! 

Aaron Gillespie’s story

This is part two of the video series i wish to share to all my viewers, hopefully this will touch each and everyone of your hearts. This is what we all are faced with in this life but to ask God for help, ask Him for forgiveness is the key thing in all this. God bless each of you and have a good day!

These sinful earthly bodies are just temporary

For our citizenship is in heaven,

from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body,

according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.

-(Philippians 3:20-21)


Our bodies will fail us, they have been soaked in sin as we were all born into a life full of sin. We all sin everyday either us knowing or not knowing because thats our nature as humans but to come to realize that Jesus died on the cross for us to come and bow to Him one day and to repent to Him all our sins we’ve done and will do because of His awesome love towards us! Reading these two verses in Philippians that caught my heart is just wonderful knowing that our sinful human bodies are just temporary as after this life, and go up into heaven we will be given new bodies which are free of sin, fresh bodies that are worthy of our Lord Jesus Christ! Isn’t that just wonderful!!? Knowing that not only will we be in the presence of the Lord Almighty but that we will be given worthy bodies free from sin!! As we are all waiting on His return isn’t it wonderful to think that when that time comes and we are all in Heaven with Him that He is going to take our dirty, sinful bodies into His glorious body that it will be worthy to stand before Him and forever and ever praise His name, to live in peace! It’s worth it all, it’s time to prepare, it’s the most glorious gift we ever will receive so, won’t we shout His glorious name, won’t we get ready for His great return for it will beyond anything we could ever imagine in our wildest dreams!! 

Blessed is all that believes on the Lord, Praise His name for there is a better place than this earth we live on, Trust in Him, believe in Him, as those that give Him all the glory there will be a place in Heaven after death!  

Crying Out

Cry out, cry out and listen if anyone is paying attention. Cry out to see if anyone even gives a care in the world. People passing by like your not even there. People looking at you with a sense of worry, all the care in the world? No, they just go on their marry ways of life. Are you paying attention? Do you care about me? Will you come with me as we figure out the problem? Are you worried why I am the way I am this very moment? I just keep cry, cry, crying but yet others seems to give the slightest hear at my cries. Look into my brown eyes and tell me that your waiting to hear my cry, tell me that you will stay with me after my, cry cry cry. I’ve gave my all, gave you the signs that there could be something there if you just me that chance that’s so scary at first but afterwards is all worth the waiting and intense feelings. I cry out to you babe just to show you that i’ve got feelings, that i’m truly ready to give my all and to do all for you because your the missing piece that will make me whole once again. The time is now, the moment is right, to make it work let’s meet half way, let’s find each other and live in peace, in happiness. Come hear my cry won’t you, come and i’ll tell you all about it.

Thanks for all that take the time to read my latest post, i’m trying an area i’m not used to write about so hope all enjoys and thanks! God Bless you all!!

All things in Life have an expiration date but Jesus never Goes out of date.

Seasons of television shows come to an end, tv series comes and goes before our very eyes. Artists come and go as we hate to see them leave. Everything has an end and so do we as well, when you see loved ones, friends, family members or people you have met along the way these all have an expire date. We become close to many, have relationships, there are bonds that are thicker than family for some but isn’t it sad that all this ends at some point, it can’t last forever because that isn’t reality but what is reality is that we have a chance to live forever with not our buddies, our pets, our favorite tv actors, movie stars but to live forever with our Lord Jesus Christ because He has died to allow us to make that choice to live a life after this life with Him forever! Unlike Television series, movies if we trust and accept Him as our Lord, our leader then our life story so to speak will never come to an end, will shall keep going on to sing out His holy song, rejoicing with Him.  

I do come to sadness when i see television shows end, when a movie i’ve been waiting for so long end, when an actor or actress hits the end of their career but there is and always be one person that will never leave us, never forsake us, never become old or boring to us and His name is, Jesus Christ!

Worldly things become old, out of date, boring, but isn’t it just a blessing that Jesus never gets old, He never becomes out of date? I like to think that with His grace and mercy all these worldly things are nothing and shouldn’t mean a thing because the things you(us) have in this life doesn’t define us, our work for the Lord defines who we are, where we are going and how people looks at us! Stop looking to see what the next thing to get, what to have to make everyone look at ya like your some important person because the matter of fact is that one is perfect, one is important, that’s God! You could be the most unimportant person in town, the most unlike, the one that nobody will give the time to but God will, God loves all His children no matter what. If there’s one thing i’d love for all my readers to remember today is that no matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done, God loves you and if you’ll give Him the time, lay all your burdens in His hands He will bless you greater than you could have ever imagined! You thought having all the fancy things in life made you happy well just wait because having Jesus in your heart, in your life well, that makes all other desires you’ve had never existed.

Fellow reader’s i’m Micheal Adams and I say have a blessed day and remember God loves all His Children.