Use your Heart rather than your Mind

It’s funny isn’t it, how we can think up these awesome over the top stories that we just know is gonna happen but we truly know that it’s all but a lie. We for the most part think life is gonna be this bit awesome place where everything goes exactly our way and we come out looking like the hero or the one that got the dream girl, all but a bunch of lies told to us by our wonderful mind playing tricks. Your at the store, you see an old friend and you thinking of walking up and saying hey it’s been awhile but in reality you may wave and walk away, it’s scary but true for most of us, we wanna walk around with a brave outlook and take charge but we fail at taking action instead we live in fairy land of dreams. With fear to have and hold us back is to live in a hole and never having the desire to escape and therefore we are plastered to a life of emptiness, you know that feeling. Does it get better, can it get better I don’t know, I can’t answer that only you can. Live long, love with all your heart, seek instead of dreaming.

Are we serving or are we waiting to Be served?

As I sit here this morning with my car alone in another state with hopes of getting fixed I’ve been going over this mornings Sunday school lesson and its taking thoughts from the book of Luke in chapter 22:1-30. The title for this morning is Being  served or Serving?

A few questions in this mornings lesson asked when this earthly life is over how would we wanna be remembered? How we think we will be remembered and what actions and attitudes would we need to change to make the way we wanna be remembered possible? It’s one of those things that we worry what others think of us but in my way of thinking its what The Lord thinks. I want to be thought of a child of God, people to say he wasn’t popular, not rich, but rather he was rich with the love of God and he did his all to let people hear about Jesus and how awesome of a God we have to love us through all our imperfections. Do I wanna be rich in all these earthly possessions? No, I wanna be glorified in knowing after this life there’s my reward I’ve been dreaming about since the day I accepted Him as my lord and savior because nothing I received before compared to the awesomeness of what living forever with The Lord brings!  Before I am finished let me give u a verse from chapter 22 of Luke quickly…think about this…”But ye shall be so:but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve”. Think about this, don’t worry about being the most notified person or the most popular among your peers but rather remember that to be great is to serve others not always having the mind set of if I serve other then something good will come from it but to just do it out of  the greater good to others. Think less of worldly honor  but more in serving The Lord through caring about others and spreading Gods love like His followers did so in the Bible. God bless and make each day forward a Special blessing to those around you and other that come your way.

He Will Be There When We are Falling

When a man falls, one must find the courage to get back up, pick oneself up from defeat and carry onward if success is ever to be achieved, in anything.

Hard to get up outta that warm and comfortable bed isn’t it? Hard to go into work when it’s beautiful outdoors? Hard to sometimes get the will-power to do the daily deeds that many of us had huh? I get asked, why so hyper? Why so happy and full of joy? One word, one simple tiny answer…Jesus! Our Lord and Savior is what keeps my drive to be the best i can be, the happy, perky, joyful person that i am everyday for the past twenty-three years that i’ve been blessed with so far. It’s a wonderful feeling to have Him at our side, when i mean all, i am talking about those even that think He isn’t. God watches over all His children because He loves us. When each and every one of us is feeling alone, depressed, go to Him, talk to Him because just having His love in your lives, it can be that one “thing” that’ll get us a going each and everyday. He’s here to guide us through each moment so let His love come in a shine bright throughout your life will ya…God Bless and Make each and everyday a blessing one in His holy name!Image

When Given Power, That’s When the True Test Begins!

“In very truth he was, the noblest work of God — an honest man”. -Abraham Lincoln

This powerful quote should be shouted aloud to us all, to be true brings light but to bring lies, false statement only brings destruction. Give a man power and be sure to see his true colors come before us all. A man with power should use it for the better of the people, to help bring our beloved nation back together, to piece the once great Godly nation back to it’s glory that we once knew! To be part of something great, lasts forever, in our hearts we will never forget a once great leader that walked in the White House, one that never gave up to bring justice to the people, one that did what he thought was right to bring fairness, to bring freedom to so many that were looking for, one that with power did what was right, using this power to bring justice, to be a leader not to rule but to be a leader of the people….As always, Good afternoon, God bless and go about your day making a difference.

To stand for something false is worthless, but To stand for something true is worth giving everything you’ve got

To stand for something false is worthless, but To stand for something true is worth giving everything you've got

To be united we must first ask ourselves the question, are we willing to put our own ego’s aside and come together? It’s hard to see if we will ever come together for the goodness of our once great nation, but i mean it’s like all we do is fight against one another for power and we all know where that has brought us right? Right into debt, into a place where it’s gonna take a pure miracle to get us back up onto the top. Will we ever have a great Leader like Lincoln to bring the broken country back to it’s Godly ways? So many questions are out there than answers and sometimes i do wonder but to wonder is to give up but rather than take action, us the people needs to stop having the mind set of, “it’s all about me” attitude and get to realize that it’s not about us at all but rather it’s our country cause without unity all is lost, all is broken.

Blessed with His grace, We all are!

The lord is my everything

My family is an odd group of people that seems to cheer me up, catch me when i’m falling down, love me even through the many changes i’ve went through good and bad, ones that i’m happy i was born into.

My friends, wherever they are i still am blessed to have the few i still have left. Many come and many go but the ones that stick it out in the end with ya, those are the ones that make your life just a bit easier and well even though we have had our fair share of crazy moments we are still able to come together after several months of not seeing each other and share an awesome moments. Times do change but friendships never changed if it’s truly a strong one at best. We all have, even though some may not want to admit it, have had or do have a “bromance”, but anyways i wouldn’t be me without my dear closest awesome friends or bros as i like to call em to this day because who i am is who they helped me to be and well i give thanks to them for being there in all the craziness that i am.

In life we have so much to be thankful for and this isnt’ thanksgiving time but i just wanna say i’m so thankful for my Lord and Savior because without Him loving me i don’t think, no i know that all this that i’ve be able to tell you all wouldn’t have been possible so thank you Lord and God Bless you all that go forward in life and do it loving others and to be sharing your story with others, blessing the amazing God we have and give a little back because life is impossible without Him! 

Aaron Gillespie’s story

This is part two of the video series i wish to share to all my viewers, hopefully this will touch each and everyone of your hearts. This is what we all are faced with in this life but to ask God for help, ask Him for forgiveness is the key thing in all this. God bless each of you and have a good day!