Use your Heart rather than your Mind

It’s funny isn’t it, how we can think up these awesome over the top stories that we just know is gonna happen but we truly know that it’s all but a lie. We for the most part think life is gonna be this bit awesome place where everything goes exactly our way and we come out looking like the hero or the one that got the dream girl, all but a bunch of lies told to us by our wonderful mind playing tricks. Your at the store, you see an old friend and you thinking of walking up and saying hey it’s been awhile but in reality you may wave and walk away, it’s scary but true for most of us, we wanna walk around with a brave outlook and take charge but we fail at taking action instead we live in fairy land of dreams. With fear to have and hold us back is to live in a hole and never having the desire to escape and therefore we are plastered to a life of emptiness, you know that feeling. Does it get better, can it get better I don’t know, I can’t answer that only you can. Live long, love with all your heart, seek instead of dreaming.

Are we serving or are we waiting to Be served?

As I sit here this morning with my car alone in another state with hopes of getting fixed I’ve been going over this mornings Sunday school lesson and its taking thoughts from the book of Luke in chapter 22:1-30. The title for this morning is Being  served or Serving?

A few questions in this mornings lesson asked when this earthly life is over how would we wanna be remembered? How we think we will be remembered and what actions and attitudes would we need to change to make the way we wanna be remembered possible? It’s one of those things that we worry what others think of us but in my way of thinking its what The Lord thinks. I want to be thought of a child of God, people to say he wasn’t popular, not rich, but rather he was rich with the love of God and he did his all to let people hear about Jesus and how awesome of a God we have to love us through all our imperfections. Do I wanna be rich in all these earthly possessions? No, I wanna be glorified in knowing after this life there’s my reward I’ve been dreaming about since the day I accepted Him as my lord and savior because nothing I received before compared to the awesomeness of what living forever with The Lord brings!  Before I am finished let me give u a verse from chapter 22 of Luke quickly…think about this…”But ye shall be so:but he that is greatest among you, let him be as the younger; and he that is chief, as he that doth serve”. Think about this, don’t worry about being the most notified person or the most popular among your peers but rather remember that to be great is to serve others not always having the mind set of if I serve other then something good will come from it but to just do it out of  the greater good to others. Think less of worldly honor  but more in serving The Lord through caring about others and spreading Gods love like His followers did so in the Bible. God bless and make each day forward a Special blessing to those around you and other that come your way.

A Desire to Change, A Desire to Grow in Order to Move Forward

We all need to take a walk on the lonely path sometimes don’t we? Sometimes we get all caught up in whats happening now, what happened yesterday but we don’t care we are going the next second, minute or even tomorrow do we? We waste so much precious time wondering when we need not to. Shouldn’t we be giving thanks that we are still here this very second? Count our blessings more often than we do, right? Well i’m the first one to tell ya that i am always forgetting to count them but somewhere in that brain of mine i am really thankful for all i’ve been given but i need to start acting, showing that i’m thankful for the Lord for giving me so many chances, ones that i don’t deserve but i’m still here, aren’t I? I must be doing something right or He has a plan for me, right? He has a plan for everything and everyone of us. This plan is unknown to all of us, but i do know this, we must be ready for whenever it’s put into place, we must continue to clear the pathway for that day to come when He comes back and collects His people because if we aren’t ready then we will never get a chance to know Him, we will miss out on something beautiful. If there’s something you love, something you really want don’t we try to hold onto it for dear life? Don’t we try to be a better person? We do all that it takes to get closer to it don’t we? If we want our relationship with the Lord to continue to grow we must continue to work on ourselves because we are flawed, we do sin every single day but we must have a desire to improve our lives. Having a desire to improve is what should drives us each and everyday to grow. We must have faith, should we not?

All things in Life have an expiration date but Jesus never Goes out of date.

Seasons of television shows come to an end, tv series comes and goes before our very eyes. Artists come and go as we hate to see them leave. Everything has an end and so do we as well, when you see loved ones, friends, family members or people you have met along the way these all have an expire date. We become close to many, have relationships, there are bonds that are thicker than family for some but isn’t it sad that all this ends at some point, it can’t last forever because that isn’t reality but what is reality is that we have a chance to live forever with not our buddies, our pets, our favorite tv actors, movie stars but to live forever with our Lord Jesus Christ because He has died to allow us to make that choice to live a life after this life with Him forever! Unlike Television series, movies if we trust and accept Him as our Lord, our leader then our life story so to speak will never come to an end, will shall keep going on to sing out His holy song, rejoicing with Him.  

I do come to sadness when i see television shows end, when a movie i’ve been waiting for so long end, when an actor or actress hits the end of their career but there is and always be one person that will never leave us, never forsake us, never become old or boring to us and His name is, Jesus Christ!

Worldly things become old, out of date, boring, but isn’t it just a blessing that Jesus never gets old, He never becomes out of date? I like to think that with His grace and mercy all these worldly things are nothing and shouldn’t mean a thing because the things you(us) have in this life doesn’t define us, our work for the Lord defines who we are, where we are going and how people looks at us! Stop looking to see what the next thing to get, what to have to make everyone look at ya like your some important person because the matter of fact is that one is perfect, one is important, that’s God! You could be the most unimportant person in town, the most unlike, the one that nobody will give the time to but God will, God loves all His children no matter what. If there’s one thing i’d love for all my readers to remember today is that no matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done, God loves you and if you’ll give Him the time, lay all your burdens in His hands He will bless you greater than you could have ever imagined! You thought having all the fancy things in life made you happy well just wait because having Jesus in your heart, in your life well, that makes all other desires you’ve had never existed.

Fellow reader’s i’m Micheal Adams and I say have a blessed day and remember God loves all His Children.