All things in Life have an expiration date but Jesus never Goes out of date.

Seasons of television shows come to an end, tv series comes and goes before our very eyes. Artists come and go as we hate to see them leave. Everything has an end and so do we as well, when you see loved ones, friends, family members or people you have met along the way these all have an expire date. We become close to many, have relationships, there are bonds that are thicker than family for some but isn’t it sad that all this ends at some point, it can’t last forever because that isn’t reality but what is reality is that we have a chance to live forever with not our buddies, our pets, our favorite tv actors, movie stars but to live forever with our Lord Jesus Christ because He has died to allow us to make that choice to live a life after this life with Him forever! Unlike Television series, movies if we trust and accept Him as our Lord, our leader then our life story so to speak will never come to an end, will shall keep going on to sing out His holy song, rejoicing with Him.  

I do come to sadness when i see television shows end, when a movie i’ve been waiting for so long end, when an actor or actress hits the end of their career but there is and always be one person that will never leave us, never forsake us, never become old or boring to us and His name is, Jesus Christ!

Worldly things become old, out of date, boring, but isn’t it just a blessing that Jesus never gets old, He never becomes out of date? I like to think that with His grace and mercy all these worldly things are nothing and shouldn’t mean a thing because the things you(us) have in this life doesn’t define us, our work for the Lord defines who we are, where we are going and how people looks at us! Stop looking to see what the next thing to get, what to have to make everyone look at ya like your some important person because the matter of fact is that one is perfect, one is important, that’s God! You could be the most unimportant person in town, the most unlike, the one that nobody will give the time to but God will, God loves all His children no matter what. If there’s one thing i’d love for all my readers to remember today is that no matter who you are, where you are, what you’ve done, God loves you and if you’ll give Him the time, lay all your burdens in His hands He will bless you greater than you could have ever imagined! You thought having all the fancy things in life made you happy well just wait because having Jesus in your heart, in your life well, that makes all other desires you’ve had never existed.

Fellow reader’s i’m Micheal Adams and I say have a blessed day and remember God loves all His Children.