Your Impression on Me Keeps Me Looking Forward

Sometimes we I feel like i’m slowly slipping away from you, going the other way and I keep looking back and every time i do, you become more and more unnoticeable to the eyes.

Why i keep thinking of you in such a special way has been eating me more and more everyday as I want to know you more and more every moment we spend together.

Our talks, they are as sweet as the taste of coffee on my lips each morning, which i become more interested in each of our planned or unplanned encounters. Your words to my ears are kind, soft, special, trustworthy, bright, full of insightful knowledge that makes each moment with you that more special when i’m alone and is scared or just needs something positive to get me through a situation and or the day. 

To stand for something false is worthless, but To stand for something true is worth giving everything you’ve got

To stand for something false is worthless, but To stand for something true is worth giving everything you've got

To be united we must first ask ourselves the question, are we willing to put our own ego’s aside and come together? It’s hard to see if we will ever come together for the goodness of our once great nation, but i mean it’s like all we do is fight against one another for power and we all know where that has brought us right? Right into debt, into a place where it’s gonna take a pure miracle to get us back up onto the top. Will we ever have a great Leader like Lincoln to bring the broken country back to it’s Godly ways? So many questions are out there than answers and sometimes i do wonder but to wonder is to give up but rather than take action, us the people needs to stop having the mind set of, “it’s all about me” attitude and get to realize that it’s not about us at all but rather it’s our country cause without unity all is lost, all is broken.

“And having thu…

“And having thus chosen our course, without guile, and with pure purpose, let us renew our trust in God, and go forward without fear, and with manly hearts”. -Abraham Lincoln

For the last couple of days i’ve been pondering over how we sometimes forget that everything happening around us, happened to us and is going to happen has already been set by our awesome Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ but it has been shown to me as just this past Monday i was off from work and just lazying around like i always do, i was reading the wonderful book that was written by Bill O’ Reilly, Killing Lincoln”, which by the way is a great read for all you fans of Bill but anyways as i was reading i got a phone call from one of the many companies i applied for in the Lexington area and they had asked me to come in for an interview and i know that it hasnt’ happened yet and i’m sure i’m not the only one up for the job but to get this chance is more than i could have ever imagined and i give all this excitement to our Lord. As Lincoln said in the quote above, renewing our trust in God and we are able to go forward without fear and to confidence, which is something i need to keep in mind when i go in for the interview for the next chapter to start in my life! God bless and good day to all out there!!

Watching the sunset, alone, sometimes isn’t always a bad thing

Watching the sunset, alone, sometimes isn't always a bad thing

Sometimes we get so caught up all that this earth throws at us and we tend to drift apart from everything that truly matters most to us. We tend to forget to stop, take a breath and remember that all the worrying that we do is eating away at our true happiness that could be. Something about starring across where ever we are at the sunset makes all the troubles, pain in our lives seem such a blur, for the time being. I just hope for all you as i’m trying to do myself just take a moment everyday to stop and reflect, to count our so many blessings we’ve thus far been graced with because this life, if we choose to do so, can be an awesome and wonderful ride.
God bless to you all and have a great afternoon!

Blessed with His grace, We all are!

The lord is my everything

My family is an odd group of people that seems to cheer me up, catch me when i’m falling down, love me even through the many changes i’ve went through good and bad, ones that i’m happy i was born into.

My friends, wherever they are i still am blessed to have the few i still have left. Many come and many go but the ones that stick it out in the end with ya, those are the ones that make your life just a bit easier and well even though we have had our fair share of crazy moments we are still able to come together after several months of not seeing each other and share an awesome moments. Times do change but friendships never changed if it’s truly a strong one at best. We all have, even though some may not want to admit it, have had or do have a “bromance”, but anyways i wouldn’t be me without my dear closest awesome friends or bros as i like to call em to this day because who i am is who they helped me to be and well i give thanks to them for being there in all the craziness that i am.

In life we have so much to be thankful for and this isnt’ thanksgiving time but i just wanna say i’m so thankful for my Lord and Savior because without Him loving me i don’t think, no i know that all this that i’ve be able to tell you all wouldn’t have been possible so thank you Lord and God Bless you all that go forward in life and do it loving others and to be sharing your story with others, blessing the amazing God we have and give a little back because life is impossible without Him! 

Aaron Gillespie’s story

This is part two of the video series i wish to share to all my viewers, hopefully this will touch each and everyone of your hearts. This is what we all are faced with in this life but to ask God for help, ask Him for forgiveness is the key thing in all this. God bless each of you and have a good day!