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Watching the sunset, alone, sometimes isn’t always a bad thing

Watching the sunset, alone, sometimes isn't always a bad thing

Sometimes we get so caught up all that this earth throws at us and we tend to drift apart from everything that truly matters most to us. We tend to forget to stop, take a breath and remember that all the worrying that we do is eating away at our true happiness that could be. Something about starring across where ever we are at the sunset makes all the troubles, pain in our lives seem such a blur, for the time being. I just hope for all you as i’m trying to do myself just take a moment everyday to stop and reflect, to count our so many blessings we’ve thus far been graced with because this life, if we choose to do so, can be an awesome and wonderful ride.
God bless to you all and have a great afternoon!

Blessed with His grace, We all are!

The lord is my everything

My family is an odd group of people that seems to cheer me up, catch me when i’m falling down, love me even through the many changes i’ve went through good and bad, ones that i’m happy i was born into.

My friends, wherever they are i still am blessed to have the few i still have left. Many come and many go but the ones that stick it out in the end with ya, those are the ones that make your life just a bit easier and well even though we have had our fair share of crazy moments we are still able to come together after several months of not seeing each other and share an awesome moments. Times do change but friendships never changed if it’s truly a strong one at best. We all have, even though some may not want to admit it, have had or do have a “bromance”, but anyways i wouldn’t be me without my dear closest awesome friends or bros as i like to call em to this day because who i am is who they helped me to be and well i give thanks to them for being there in all the craziness that i am.

In life we have so much to be thankful for and this isnt’ thanksgiving time but i just wanna say i’m so thankful for my Lord and Savior because without Him loving me i don’t think, no i know that all this that i’ve be able to tell you all wouldn’t have been possible so thank you Lord and God Bless you all that go forward in life and do it loving others and to be sharing your story with others, blessing the amazing God we have and give a little back because life is impossible without Him! 

Aaron Gillespie’s story

This is part two of the video series i wish to share to all my viewers, hopefully this will touch each and everyone of your hearts. This is what we all are faced with in this life but to ask God for help, ask Him for forgiveness is the key thing in all this. God bless each of you and have a good day!

I Am Living: Aaron Gillespie

The singer of the band, The Almost is taking a few minutes to just speak to a crowd about where he has been, done and to reach out to everyone how Jesus is the only way. How we sometimes get lost in the joys of this earth and forget the real reason we are here in the first place.
Sometimes we can listen to others speak out a good testimony that we can be touched by so i’m here to share for the next couple of blogs i’ll be posting on here to my fans so enjoy these next couple of posts because this man is an example of at least for me is wanting to be not like but to look up to because i’m working on becoming a better me that i can be. Love you all, God bless!

Plain and Simple: Never Give Up

Isn’t it funny how our mouth often speaks faster than our brain is done processing the info that has been giving? Ya know i’ve often heard people say we always do bad things and then right after we ask forgiveness and here as of late thats how it’s been for me and it’s been eating away at me because it’s something that i know very well the devil knows i’m weak with and he is hitting me hard and yes i’m scared, a bit in the dark even though i know i have a savior as awesome as our Lord, Jesus Christ is here to take all my pain away but as i’m flesh i’ll have these thoughts, these feelings but i’m trying so hard to work at this part of my life and throw it past me so i can move forward. 

In those moments that we are fooled into thinking that everything is going smooth, everything is really been going our way thats when it all comes crashing down doesnt it? I’ve been there and is kinda there and sure thing the devil is there to take advantage of it, right? Jesus, thats the only name i and all that are facing trouble times can call out to, yell it if you wish because just like when we are in trouble and we need our earthly parents we surely need our heavenly Father in those tough times as well. We are all given a second chance, right? I feel all the time why? I mean i’ve screwed up more times than i can count but He is still beside me fighting the tough battle that is life to this day and i love Him for it everyday i wake up to hopefully make Him proud to call me His child! 

Everyone reading this, everyone that is in a struggling situation just remember that He is lord of lords, and King of kings!! He is our everything and will always be there no matter who we are, no matter where we been, or going or what we have done because as we do make mistakes even when we know or dont know, He will always pick us all back up off the ground because he is…Loving!! I thank you all for taking the time to read my ongoing rant but like i said i’m going a battle and is fighting through it but guess what it’s not a battle that is being fought alone its with Him! It’s with Jesus Christ and He in those battles brings hope at the end of them all…best wishes to all and God Bless!!Image

A Desire to Change, A Desire to Grow in Order to Move Forward

We all need to take a walk on the lonely path sometimes don’t we? Sometimes we get all caught up in whats happening now, what happened yesterday but we don’t care we are going the next second, minute or even tomorrow do we? We waste so much precious time wondering when we need not to. Shouldn’t we be giving thanks that we are still here this very second? Count our blessings more often than we do, right? Well i’m the first one to tell ya that i am always forgetting to count them but somewhere in that brain of mine i am really thankful for all i’ve been given but i need to start acting, showing that i’m thankful for the Lord for giving me so many chances, ones that i don’t deserve but i’m still here, aren’t I? I must be doing something right or He has a plan for me, right? He has a plan for everything and everyone of us. This plan is unknown to all of us, but i do know this, we must be ready for whenever it’s put into place, we must continue to clear the pathway for that day to come when He comes back and collects His people because if we aren’t ready then we will never get a chance to know Him, we will miss out on something beautiful. If there’s something you love, something you really want don’t we try to hold onto it for dear life? Don’t we try to be a better person? We do all that it takes to get closer to it don’t we? If we want our relationship with the Lord to continue to grow we must continue to work on ourselves because we are flawed, we do sin every single day but we must have a desire to improve our lives. Having a desire to improve is what should drives us each and everyday to grow. We must have faith, should we not?

Transient Reflections


Some of what the world says is important

  • Looks / appearance
  • wealth
  • popularity
  • self-satisfaction
  • possessions
  • compliance
  • social normalcy
  • Physical strength
  • Power
  • The Self
  • Personal Achievements
  • Being number one


Some of what the bible tells us is important

  • God & Jesus
  • Caring for the weak and helpless
  • Hope
  • Compassion
  • Understanding
  • Being Humble
  • Morality
  • Doing what is right
  • Love
  • Devotion
  • Peace
  • Brotherhood / Sisterhood
  • Family
  • Cleanliness
  • Faithfulness

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There’s a Storm, and it’s coming for Us

"A Storm is Coming"We all have faced storms somewhere throughout our lives rather it’d be those that pass over a short period or of those that took years to pass through but, we’ve beaten all that have passed through. There is still a storm yet to come that will be our biggest storm that our eyes have faced yet. This storm is like no other we’ve faced before our little human eyes, one that will change everything we know about the world, about, life. Can it be stopped, Do we want to stop it? You see when we are faced up against something that we have no control over we get scared, we begin to question our own judgement which through my own eyes is never good, nothing good can come from relying on our judgement in situations as of this one soon to come. We come face to face with many storms that challenges our mind, our faith, our judgement, it even will try to take us down, to beat us because it only knows one thing…destruction of anything in it’s path. To end the war, we must first be ready for the beginning. To fight the storm we must first prepare for it. We must be physically, mentally and faithfully ready for battle when the day comes our way!

The clock is ticking every minute that we just sit around doing nothing while our mind wonders among the thoughtless thoughts of everyday nonsense while the “Storms” that have yet to surface into our lives draws near. Many of us are guilty, letting ourselves worry about the so called “popular”, and “important” news of the world instead of gearing up for the battle that keeps drawing near. If we are to be “smart” people, we must get our priorities set before anything else, we must get our minds sharpened so that when the day comes, when judgement comes about, we will be ready to face it with an iron fist! Do you ever, have you ever in life just wanted to do right, to make someone you really care about proud of you, of what you’ve done? It all starts by us taking a stand against corruption, standing up for whats right, taking back a world that once was a world full of believers in doing what’s right! 

It’s time! The time to stand up is now. No more letting others tell lies, no more  false teaching, it’s time to rise up, to fight for the one who made all possible for the end is near and the time is now to take the lead, to take back victory in His name! Are you in the right mind set? Are.. you… ready?


Keeping our “Eternal” Promise

Shew! Isn’t it tough to keep our promises, to say what we mean?

I’ve been in situations where I’ll make a promise and long behold not come to hold my end of the deal. There are so many things that keep us busy, keep us distracted to the point of which a person doesn’t seem to have enough time in a whole day to finished, to cram all that into. People say well wish i could have came to church but i so had this or that but i’ll try to fit it in next time and come…..this is happening more and more each and everyday. I want everyone to know that i’m not bashing those who aren’t able to come because we all know that jobs are important, we are to work to make a living but, when we start to put just about anything before serving our Lord then it begins to create a problem. I had a rough day at school, i had to attend a basketball, football, whatever sport it is, when you are too tired, it’s this kind of mind set that really is hurting our country! Days can and will get stressful but it’s those days that when we are able to come together in the Lords house to worship him that really takes all that stress away and makes us so so thankful for still being here another day! I say to you readers, i’m not perfect thats for sure cause there are days i should be, could be attending church and are not because of ya know a “lazy” reason but the “Goal” is to improve our selves everyday as much as we can, that means it’s gonna take some self-motivation, it’s gonna be a working process, which is possible, all we have to do is try, try, try. This has been a problem for what i believe the majority of our country’s people and most of all, my own problem is to give just some time up for our great Lord and Savior, our Creator of this great land we call Earth so it’s gonna be a working process and has been for years but if we just come together, go out and serve our Lord then and only then are we gonna see a brighter future for not only ourselves but, for our world!!