Open our Eyes to Truly see the Beauty

Nature, it’s such an eye opener to me on days like we had today. To walk along the train tracks, with the wind blowing and the sun as bright that you are able to feel the heat beating down on you, that’s such a great feeling that I never want to take it granted. Walking among the beauty, even of the sights of a little town as I live in is breath-taking that it makes any day, good or bad and turns it all around, makes you forget about reality for at least the present moment your experiencing, right?
This week go outdoors if your able and soak in all that this great spring weather has to offer and I’m for sure you will want it to last forever. To be thankful we are able to see the beauty and to really enjoy every bit that we can cause when you think bout it, nature truly sets us all apart from the stress, the pain, the heartache that we experience through our busy work week, lets get out into nature and set our hearts free for a few moments and be one with ourselves, yes? Before we can set oneself free, we must first experience it. Set forth on a journey to happiness and see where it’ll take you, you’ll be surprised where you’ll end up.

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