There’s a Storm, and it’s coming for Us

"A Storm is Coming"We all have faced storms somewhere throughout our lives rather it’d be those that pass over a short period or of those that took years to pass through but, we’ve beaten all that have passed through. There is still a storm yet to come that will be our biggest storm that our eyes have faced yet. This storm is like no other we’ve faced before our little human eyes, one that will change everything we know about the world, about, life. Can it be stopped, Do we want to stop it? You see when we are faced up against something that we have no control over we get scared, we begin to question our own judgement which through my own eyes is never good, nothing good can come from relying on our judgement in situations as of this one soon to come. We come face to face with many storms that challenges our mind, our faith, our judgement, it even will try to take us down, to beat us because it only knows one thing…destruction of anything in it’s path. To end the war, we must first be ready for the beginning. To fight the storm we must first prepare for it. We must be physically, mentally and faithfully ready for battle when the day comes our way!

The clock is ticking every minute that we just sit around doing nothing while our mind wonders among the thoughtless thoughts of everyday nonsense while the “Storms” that have yet to surface into our lives draws near. Many of us are guilty, letting ourselves worry about the so called “popular”, and “important” news of the world instead of gearing up for the battle that keeps drawing near. If we are to be “smart” people, we must get our priorities set before anything else, we must get our minds sharpened so that when the day comes, when judgement comes about, we will be ready to face it with an iron fist! Do you ever, have you ever in life just wanted to do right, to make someone you really care about proud of you, of what you’ve done? It all starts by us taking a stand against corruption, standing up for whats right, taking back a world that once was a world full of believers in doing what’s right! 

It’s time! The time to stand up is now. No more letting others tell lies, no more  false teaching, it’s time to rise up, to fight for the one who made all possible for the end is near and the time is now to take the lead, to take back victory in His name! Are you in the right mind set? Are.. you… ready?


4 thoughts on “There’s a Storm, and it’s coming for Us

    • Thank you my friend! You are right as we must be preparing everyday like it’s our last for we know not when He will come back to get His church but we must be ready always. God bless you Raymond and live everyday with a positive outlook and have a smile because we as Christians have so much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving my friend is coming oh so quickly oh what an awesome time it will be huh.

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