Keeping our “Eternal” Promise

Shew! Isn’t it tough to keep our promises, to say what we mean?

I’ve been in situations where I’ll make a promise and long behold not come to hold my end of the deal. There are so many things that keep us busy, keep us distracted to the point of which a person doesn’t seem to have enough time in a whole day to finished, to cram all that into. People say well wish i could have came to church but i so had this or that but i’ll try to fit it in next time and come…..this is happening more and more each and everyday. I want everyone to know that i’m not bashing those who aren’t able to come because we all know that jobs are important, we are to work to make a living but, when we start to put just about anything before serving our Lord then it begins to create a problem. I had a rough day at school, i had to attend a basketball, football, whatever sport it is, when you are too tired, it’s this kind of mind set that really is hurting our country! Days can and will get stressful but it’s those days that when we are able to come together in the Lords house to worship him that really takes all that stress away and makes us so so thankful for still being here another day! I say to you readers, i’m not perfect thats for sure cause there are days i should be, could be attending church and are not because of ya know a “lazy” reason but the “Goal” is to improve our selves everyday as much as we can, that means it’s gonna take some self-motivation, it’s gonna be a working process, which is possible, all we have to do is try, try, try. This has been a problem for what i believe the majority of our country’s people and most of all, my own problem is to give just some time up for our great Lord and Savior, our Creator of this great land we call Earth so it’s gonna be a working process and has been for years but if we just come together, go out and serve our Lord then and only then are we gonna see a brighter future for not only ourselves but, for our world!!

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