Taking a Stand!

Hello everyone, it’s been some time since i last wrote on here but i’d found some time to get back and write something hopefully close to the heart and well hope all is staying blessed, enjoy and remember that Jesus is our ultimate leader and if we stand together for His name, we will no matter how hard things get, no matter where we are, where we go, we will stay blessed with His love!!!

We are here to stand against corruption

We must show others why we must all come together to stand up, to fight for our creator’s honor

To fight for what’s right and die rather than fight for the wicked, the corruption, the sin in the world  and die for it, that’s right, that’s honor!

We fail, We do wrong, We are given the freedom to do what we want to do, We are the sheep that are aloud to wonder off but when it’s time to come home, we are then judged on how we lived our life, did we live it according to our creator or did we live if for ourselves?

I’m not all about peace, as long as man is breathing there will be war but must we all bash one another, must our leaders start war between each other instead of getting our beautiful nation under control?

As long as there are men willing to stand up for what’s right, As long as man is willing to stand together in unity against corruption, God will forever live on!

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