What you stood for, Where you stand now, Where your gonna be standing tomorrow

It doesn’t matter how old you are but it seems that you catch yourself at moments just thinking about the past and how much has changed in such a short amount of time, am I right? I’ve been a graduate from high school now for three years and it still to this day gets me wondering where the time fly…..

I sit often wish that i could have the years back to make things right, prevent from events from happening, could have done this or done that but we all know that this isn’t a fairy tale, it’s realilty, it’s just memories that we can only hope to learn from them and to become smarter people at most. I do, don’t get me wrong wouldn’t take my past and trade it for a different one because if so then I wouldn’t be the guy i am today for better or worse because at this moment i do beleive that I am what God is wanting me to be and where i am for this is the place in my life God’s guiding towards. Our past only sets us all up for where He’s pushing us in the end….His kingdom, our gift from Him! The past, good or bad is just the mere beginning to a beautiful story to be told to others to inspire, to lead others. I’m starting to realize that throughout my high school days i would grab others attention but was it for their good or for my own personal gain? Well i am saying it was for me and me only and now looking back thats something I would have loved to take back and to give all that to God, to grab people’s attention like that and to have maybe used my so called “fame” to lead others to Christ because that’s or should be everyone’s purpose, to grab a hold of moments and shine God as bright as possible to however many are willing to lend an ear. I say to you readers, would you give your all to Jesus? Would you take that special talent and use it for God’s grace? Without the past there wouldn’t be a future, without “the” sacrifice there wouldn’t be a salvation to look towards.

-Keep fighting through because on the other side, there’s something worth fighting for-.

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