Learn from our relationship with Christ and adding it to our daily relationships could make all the Difference!

“Failure is only a fact when you give up. Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?”          -(unknown)

Sometimes we are afraid to get back out there, get back up after we’ve fallen down. Sometimes it seems like we should just fold and be defeated. We’ve all felt this way, we’ve all had thoughts of just getting out of a situation by running away but I’ll tell ya that ain’t the solution but mere a short-term fix. To fall is to get back up, rise up and gain knowledge of what took place to make sure that we have a better future and altogether a better ending when it comes for us. Jesus tells us that in order for us to live forever beside Him, to have everlasting life we must show our faith by showing Him we put all things in His hands and to give praise..to be born again in His holy name, to let Him into our sinful hearts is the Way to that wonderful, everlasting life we’ve heard about! 

In life we go through with failures, relationship break-ups, all of which weigh us down but there is one relationship that will last forever if we are able to keep working at it and that is the relationship with Jesus Christ! In our earthly relationships we should follow Christ’s guidelines of a relationship into place because for a successful and healthy relationship we must include Jesus, the key is to help each other get closer to our Lord and savior. That to me is the key and purpose of a relationship because we must first have a relationship with Him in order to understand what it takes to be another. Take to heart that in all the failed relationships we face, we must look at this, they were merely set up for us to look back and learn from them, pushing us forward to something better to come along, just keep on looking ahead because later on we will reach to the end of the tunnel it’ll all make sense, it will be waiting for us…. In all things, trust in Him, follow in His footsteps to a much more brighter end.


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