If we just Wait, Special moments are Born

You know what I’ve learned tonight? If we just wait, watch great things happen! Something that really just kinda passed me and me not given any thought to it at all happened tonight finally–here it goes…..

You know that besides your real family you sometimes have another family that in time feels like a second one, right? Well this family i call my second are the most awesome people i’ve ever known and will do anything to help you out. They are people that for me are a treat to hang with, never a dull moment around them. This family is a pretty good sized family, five kids and the parents. With seven people in the house, you can most likely say that it’s never quiet nor boring. I met this family around my fifth or sixth grade year, still in middle school at the time where I am which is i guess is a okay time in school for me but enough of that school business back on track with the family. So the father, which is like a father to me…we all just love to hang out with him because he’s always got an interesting story that we are just dying to listen to and find out more and more as he gets into it. Us boys, our little so called “gang” i guess are now and have been the best of friends since day one when i met them. We grew up going to Kelly Street Baptist Church in a little community within the town we still live in. Being with friends at the church and also learning about our Lord was a great combo i must say.  Well anyways as all of us had over the course of years we went to Kelly Street Baptist had went up and asked our Lord Jesus to come into our lives and begin our journey with Him we had all begun the path in going out and being examples of Jesus Christ in the community which is just the most awesome gift anyone could ask for. Just around maybe a year or so or longer or shorter i can’t remember my “second” mother so to speak went back to church. Her son, one of my friends from that so called “gang” that i hang out with had talked to her and helped her get back into church which is just a gift from God in my opinion. Okay so now comes something that is just so touching to my heart, the father–whom we all really do look up to out of nowhere called me up today while i was just doing some homework and was telling me that his other son had to go outta town and that he was thinking about going to the church i go to tonight and was wondering if i was going. Now i will admit since it was a day of schooling i’d totally forgot about it being Wednesday and church going on later in the day so i was like i might go, he told me that he’d either way go by himself or if i went go with me so he was like well if you are gonna go just give me a call back to let me know what your doing so i said okay……..an hour or so I got ready, drove over to the house before i knew it we were hitting the road on our way for the first time together to church. I felt that this being a sign after all this took place that if we just wait, something that we may not even give a second thought about will happen. Just in that moment of him asking if i was going to church and him interested in going just opened my eyes wide open in the fact that even though we are not aware of what might happen, waiting will always bring greater things our way. It’s a sign that is to be praised about!

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