There’s always a helping hand out reaching for You

When I’m down, When I am lost, When I’ve got nothing else I look for the hand reaching out to me

Some were born without love, without anyone taking notice, without giving a moment of care. Some doesn’t know what it’s like to be loved, to be thought of even though they may think of themselves as nobody’s. Many are born feeling this way, God gives everyone a second chance, God gives us love everytime we fail, God gives us more love than ever asked for from us. God loves all, given as we all sin He still has love for us in the good and also in the bad times we go through. Well God wouldn’t have sent His only Son down unto earth to give His life for us if He didn’t have love for us would He?…No God forgives us but we must show Him that we love HIm back, that once we have become a child of God to go out and become examples of Him and all He’s done, if not then all He’s done was for nothing, it is to be shown throughout the world as it’s the most gracious thing that has been done…giving us a life to live, to give us to wake up to and look forward to each day, able to worship something that is still very much alive and is in time coming back to take us with to live in peace with Him forever! Is He real? Yes very much alive and still doing great works today. Does He love you? Of course He loves all, He may not like some choices we make but He doesn’t turn His back on anyone. People are one’s who have the choice to turn their backs to Him. I a christian for 6 or so years and still counting is a proud christian and is happy to try my best to be an example to others and to show why having God mine and whoever else that wants to accept Him in our hearts is such an awesome feeling, an awesome choice that i can now look back and say WOW! nothing else is better than believing on our Lord Jesus Christ everyday and to be the very best follower I can be towards Him and all He’s done thus far. Are you ready to accept Christ into your life, into your heart and serve Him? If already a follower of Christ, are you following Him? Are you living life according to the Lord? As christian’s we must as sometimes it is tough go out and be an image of God. It’s our duty to lead others to Him, It’s us that spreads the word of God so that all are able to worship together, lifting up His as it should. God gave all for us…shouldn’t we give all we have, shouldn’t we do everything we’ve got to give our Love to Him, to return the favor…..Worship Him! It’s unlike any feeling you’ve felt before or ever will.

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