Walking with Him…Easy or Tough?

I’ll start off saying walking by yourself sometimes just is so boring. As I love to talk all the time, its tough to not have somebody to talk to when walking alone. I am a guy that often takes little walks around my town(Harlan) which is not so much a big town, just a small little southern town filled with nice green trees, some of the most awesome mountains I’d say I’ve seen. As i walk i’ll take my nice little iPod touch and enjoy my music, and as i enjoy the music and walking I will also enjoy the nice scenery that surrounds me during this time of relaxation. Walking to me or even cycling is the best way to travel just because with these ways we get to enjoy what all is around us and take our time to really get the fully picture of the beautiful world that we normally don’t get to discover because we’re traveling so fast. A lot with life, we’re traveling through life it seems so quickly to get to the next day, we are wanting to grow up so fast and for what reason? Yes we are able to do more as with age but with what cost really? Age, it’s a number and thats it, with it i see nothing, we grow not with numbers but we grow each day closer, one step closer to God Almighty. We could be five or fifty, it doesn’t matter as we grow closer and stronger in Christ we get smarter. As people will say with age we get smarter well i look at it like this…”As we get closer to Christ, the more age doesn’t seem important”. This is just a saying i really came up with, hopefully if you read this maybe you’ll agree or maybe not..but regardless It seems like that to me. 

Like I have told everyone I am one for walking anywhere and everywhere. Sometimes it sure is good to have a partner to be along side of you. A lot of times i do though go alone not cause nobody is there to ask but I do a lot of thinking and just explore whats out there in the town i live in. Putting all this me walking around alone aside, I do ask if you think walking along side Jesus Christ is either easy or tough? You can ask yourself that question, think about it. Some or a lot will think that oh well everything is just so easy, everything will just fall into place, everything is gonna work out just perfect the way you want it to. Wrong, even though the walk with Christ is the most awesome thing that could ever happen to you in ur life..it isn’t always the easiest. I’ve had some tough trials along the way in following God but knowing that He’s there right beside me is the thing that keeps me going, keeps me holding my chin up high, and having that is something that is very special to me, going in and out of each day having that looking forward to is my way of getting through all toughness i come to face..So ask yourself, do you think walking with Jesus is easy or tough? If you haven’t accepted Him into your life, are you wondering if the path is tough…well all i can say is that It’s never which ever way you chose gonna be easy but one thing separates one from another, the Love of one…Christ Almighty!

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